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Aoyama Gakuin Global Week【チャットルームでSDGsについて話そう!】
Aoyama Gakuin Global Week 【Let' s talk about SDGs in the Chat Room !】

団体名 / Group NAME

Aoyama Gakuin Chat Room

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企画概要 / Plan outline

青山学院チャットルームでは、Aoyama Gakuin Global Week期間中、SDGsのテーマをトピックスに取り上げます。また、本学の協定校であり、THE世界大学ランキングのSDGs部門で6位にランクされているオーストラリアのウーロンゴン大学の現地学生とのオンライン交流セッションも予定しています。
Aoyama Gakuin Global Week【チャットルームでSDGsについて話そう!】

Aoyama Gakuin Chat Room is a chat room for students from elementary school through graduate school, with Aoyama Gakuin University students acting as "chat-leader".
Here, there are opportunities for international exchange through communication in foreign languages (English, Chinese, Korean, etc.).
Most of the sessions are held online in 2021(about 30 minutes per session).

In Aoyama Gakuin Chat Room, SDGs themes will be taken up as topics during Aoyama Gakuin Global Week periods.
We are also planning online exchange sessions with local students from the University of Wollongong, Australia, which is the university's partner school and ranked sixth in the SDGs category of the "THE World University rankings".

For Aoyama Gakuin University students, please subscribe to the student portal via the links listed in the following messages scheduled for distribution in mid-September.
Aoyama Gakuin Global Week [Let‘s Talk about the SDGs in the Chat Room!]

In addition, before using the chat room, you need to submit a "user's consent form" online.
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