Statement of Protest Against Russia’s Military Invasion of Ukraine





Statement of Protest Against Russia’s Military Invasion of Ukraine






青山学院理事長 堀田 宣彌
青山学院院長 山本 与志春
青山学院大学学長 阪本 浩
青山学院高等部部長 渡辺 健
青山学院中等部部長 上野 亮
青山学院初等部部長 中村 貞雄
青山学院幼稚園主事 石橋 エリ

Voices of hope and prayers for peace
We protest the Russian government's armed aggression against Ukraine and wish for a peaceful life for all people.

Before the start of the Paralympic Games, a celebration of peace, the armed invasion of Ukraine was launched by Russian troops – an abhorrent act which is the exact opposite of peace. The precious lives of people are being cruelly torn apart as war suddenly closes in on them. The lives of young children have been taken, and the wailing of parents can be heard in many parts of Ukraine. War destroys precious life, and this is the same whether it is the lives of soldiers, civilians, friends or foe. Russian soldiers' lives are also being lost. Violence and military force generate deep sorrow, hatred, disgust, and hostility.

Aoyama Gakuin seeks to protect the dignity of all people, in accordance with our school motto, “Salt of the Earth, and Light of the World,” and our educational policy to build up persons who actively take responsibility for all people and societies. We oppose the violence and oppression that destroy this dignity. Russian troops must immediately cease their attacks and leave Ukraine.

Aoyama Gakuin supports the people of Ukraine. We also support the people of Russia who oppose war and seek peace. We believe that if we raise our voices and prayers together for peace in Ukraine, it will create courage and solidarity, and become a solid force that will move us to make a great change. In order to create peace, let us raise our voices together in prayer against war and for peace.

Nobumitsu Hotta
Aoyama Gakuin School Corporation Chair, Board of Trustees, CEO

Yoshiharu Yamamoto
Aoyama Gakuin School Corporation Chancellor

Hiroshi Sakamoto
President, Aoyama Gakuin University

Ken Watanabe
Head, Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School

Toru Ueno
Head, Aoyama Gakuin Junior High School

Sadao Nakamura
Head, Aoyama Gakuin Elementary School

Eri Ishibashi
Director, Aoyama Gakuin Kindergarten