Aoyama Gakuin is a comprehensive institution that offers education from kindergarten through graduate school programs. Informed by our founding spirit based upon Christian faith, we continually strive to answer the challenge of ‘what we can do for people and society’.

In 2014, AOYAMA VISION was unveiled in honor of Aoyama Gakuin’s 140th anniversary. This vision acts as a guiding principle to propel the institution forward towards its 150th anniversary. Three themes and seven courses of action were identified with the goal of ‘creating a generation of servant leaders.’

Today the world needs servant-leaders, people who find their calling in serving others and society and in so doing become a guiding light for others.

Aoyama Gakuin Cultivates servant-leaders characterized by
 Liberal Arts & Academic Specialization
 Respecting others Embracing diversity
 Actively serving people and society
 Sincerity Simplicity
Such people embody our commitment to be the “The Salt of the Earth, The Light of the World.”

AOYAMA VISION has emerged as a manifestation of the challenges that face Aoyama Gakuin as it propels itself forward, in the lead-up to its 150th anniversary. Central to the institution’s mission are challenges pertaining to (1) Education; (2) World-class Research; (3) Social Contributions and (4) Intelligence Infrastructure. Addressing these challenges, we will take a number of actions to create the necessary foundation to educate a generation of servant leaders capable of striding into the world.

Message from Aoyama Gakuin

At Aoyama Gakuin our mission and responsibility is to provide quality education from kindergarten through graduate school. Our mission is now more important than ever because educational quality not only impacts the future of Japan but also that of the world.

The slogan ‘AOYAMA VISION: Committing to Higher Expectations’ encapsulates our desire to continuously improve our quality in everything we do. This vision incorporates the necessary measures to rapidly meet specific and tangible achievements in the face of a changing educational environment.

The unveiling of ‘AOYAMA VISION: Committing to Higher Expectations’ was accompanied by the announcement of a new management strategy referred to as ‘Aoyama Gakuin’s New Management Commitment’. It underpins and intrinsically connects to our vision for future growth and development of the institution.

The realisation of our vision and management commitment for future growth and development relies on everyone at Aoyama Gakuin individually maintaining focus on this mission and being committed to its success.

In the lead-up to our 150th anniversary, we stand united at Aoyama Gakuin and look towards the world. We are driven by commitment to our new management strategy, backed by a firm financial foundation, and aim to collaboratively realise our goal of providing higher standards of education and research as well as making an even greater contribution to society.